The wearing of the IWLAC uniform is compulsory on Friday nights at St Lukes and all Little Athletics NSW carnivals or gala days. Uniforms are available for sale from the equipment shed. Please refer to the following requirements when sewing numbers to the uniform.

When purchasing a uniform, please sew the registration number onto club-shirt. This will avoid the replacement fee of $20 and inconvenience of replacing lost numbers.

McDonald’s registration number must have the full red border showing and be placed in the centre of the front of the uniform top. If you have more than one child, please ensure that the correct number is attached to the child to which it is allocated. Athletes must have their registration number visible during an event (particularly track events). Athletes who fail to comply may not have their performance recorded, nor points awarded. Please assist our hardworking officials by observing this simple rule.

Age patch must be placed on the left hand side of the uniform. This can be on the breast, below the shoulder or on the shorts. Do not put onto the sleeve as the age is not clearly visible, and will not be allowed at any LA Official carnivals.

LANSW has removed their rules around shorts/ compression pants having logo’s or contrasting stitching. Centres / Athletes can now wear shorts or compression pants that have logo’s or contrasting stitching. However, Boys who wish to wear compression pants MUST wear plain black shorts over them.
At Inner West, we require that our athletes wear BLACK shorts / compression pants. We do not mind if there are logo’s or contrasting stitching.
None of the short options listed above must not extend below the knee and NO board shorts or cargo style shorts are permitted.

Coles patch must be placed on the right hand side of the chest.