Although the Club commenced in 1972, details of records appear not to have been kept until the 1977/78 season. Up to the 1989/90 season, records could only be set once a year, on the Club Championship night. Now, records can be established on any competition night, provided the attempt complies with the Centre’s Record Policy.
The aim of this policy is to ensure that a level playing field is created thereby ensuring that both the current record holder and the athlete attempting a new record are treated fairly. Its main elements are that two suitably qualified officials (field events) must be present and the event must be conducted according to LAA guidelines.
Records set using the timing gates will be recognized as a club record.
As U16 & U17 age groups were introduced to Little Athletics from the 2007/08 season these results are only recorded from that season.
The recognised officials are:
  • Con Mestousis
  • Adriana Mestousis
  • Darryl Coker
  • Mat Rawnsley


  • Records can only be attempted within the programmed events at St Lukes oval.
  • Records will be measured in accordance with LANSW guidelines.
  • Record attempts will be compared to the current records database held in the Centre’s computer system.
  • Records will only be awarded if the performance is verified by a suitably qualified judge.
  • The record will not be recognised if the judges verifying the record is a parent or guardian of the athlete.
  • An athlete wishing to attempt a field event record must register a request at the desk to permit a suitably qualified judge to be present. The qualified judge must witness the athlete’s entire attempt in order for the record to be recognised.